Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In this book,Eragon is a teenage boy. He traveled in the Spine and finds a blue stone in the forest. Eragon didn't know where it came and why it was here. Eragon took the stone. He thought it would be good to buy food for the winter for his family.
Eragon came back home and saw his uncle,Garrow. Eragon lives with his uncle and cousin,Roran. The Next morning Garrow and Roran was already eating breakfast.Eragon told them about the stone and wondered about how much it was worth.Garrow told them to wait until the traders come in town.They waited and waited,on the eighth day they still have not come to town. Eragon wondered why they were so late. They had finally come to town. Eragon and his family went to town. Roran scattered off somewhere in town with some money.Eragon and Garrow went to find a trader who takes jewels.
The trader told them that he didn't know how much it cost and it was unbreakable. He said if you get a hammer and hit it ,it would not even creak. Eragon didn't find out how much it was worth. Eragon went to go around town to have some fun. Eragon and his family came home. He put the blue stone on his dresser.A week later when Eragon was about to go to bed the stone started rocking. Eragon grabbed a knife and grasped it tightly pointing it to the stone. The stone stopped rocking. It dropped to the floor and started wobbling to him. It stopped in front of him. The stone started creaking and creaking.Their was a squeak. Eragon looked closely at the stone, there was a small dark head. It was out of the stone.It stayed in place then skittered into the moonlight.Eragon was in shock. The creature that was in front of him was a dragon.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grandma Back Home!

My grandma came home on Saturday June 26,2010.She came home from California. I missed her when she was gone.I love you grandma.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Being Fierce

PhotobucketMy twin sister and i ,we were taking pictures for fun and had a fun time. Lydia and Linda .

Lydia (me) xD

PhotobucketThis is me when i was at my brother's graduation. He graduated high school.


My grandma is a great person. i love her the most.

Halloween! (2009)

My twin sister and i with my daddy.Linda is on the right and I'm on the left.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pool Party!!

Selina's pool party was on Monday June 21,2010. It was awesome!Selina,Linda,Jessy, and i was there. Jessy is a friend at school.Linda is my twin sister. Selina is having a party before she was moving.There was food that her mom made.We played marco/polo,shark and we raced.We tried to stack each other up.Selina's dad was the base then it was me and Selina was on top. Then we ate watermelon. Its so good.We also ate the food that was there.We dried up and ate some cheesecake! It was delicious. Selina's mom dropped us off and they went to the outlet mall.